Author Newsletter

November 2020

November greetings to our authors,

 November has been a heads-down month, with Robert working on developmental editing tasks and Dave expanding marketing efforts.  

Welcome New Author Rik Danielsen

Rik Danielsen’s book, Never Forget Eternity, was published by WHP this month and has sold briskly. Rik was born into God's kingdom during the student revival of the late 60s and early 70s known as "The Jesus Movement" and has been a Bible teacher in churches across the west ever since. His desire is to experience another great revival among God's people and hopes this study might have a small part in seeing that revival begin in the hearts and lives of individuals and churches across the land. 

   I highly recommend following Rik on Facebook - his posts are entertaining and insightful. 

Book Signing Event for ...And God Was Here (Too)...

I had the pleasure of attending Faye Braley’s book signing at Verde Community Chapel on the 8th. The event was organized by Alice Klies and was well attended. In addition to comments by Faye and a reading by Alice, I was privileged to say a few words about Faye’s wonderful book and the lessons it contains. Thank you, Faye! We are grateful for the opportunity to publish ...And God Was Here (Too)....

A Request

   As we ramp up our marketing efforts, we ask that you prayerfully consider helping by performing one or more of the following:

  1. Leave a review of Warner House Press on social media.

  2. Follow Warner House Press on Facebook and share out any posts that you deem a good fit for your friends and family.

  3. Tell your friends and family about WHP and the services we offer. Direct them to for further information.

  4. Write a review of a fellow author's work on Amazon. Please contact me if you wish a review copy.

   The majority of our customers have been referred to us by satisfied clients. If you are happy with the services we have provided - please spread the word to others! If you are unhappy in any way, please contact me directly at so that we can work together to resolve the situation. Your satisfaction is vital to us.      

Recent Marketing Efforts by WHP

This month, we have started to create and boost Facebook posts for each of our published books. We will use this information to fine tune targeted audiences and do comparison ad campaigns to get the right mix. In the last two weeks, we have reached almost 5,000 people with targeted ads and had a good interaction rate. 

   We have also set up a Facebook store which links folks to the website and started book promotions such as a Black Friday sale. 

   In concert with Hub for Podcasting, we have been reviewing the various tools and platforms for live streaming and recording video with the aim of distributing interviews, lessons, round table discussions, conferences and events. I will be contacting you individually with opportunities to participate in future videos. 

A Case Study in Unfair Practices towards Authors

Due to a glitch last month, legions of authors and narrators using Audible for distribution woke up to find sharp reductions in the numbers reflecting their audiobooks sales to date. This would have been okay if the glitch was a miscalculation. Instead, the reduction was due to a delay in the daily adjustment of the returns that Audible was subtracting from copies sold. Over a month’s worth of returns landed in the financial dashboard overnight. 

   Two facts immediately became apparent from this long delay in reporting returns. First, Audible was not breaking out returns separately from copies sold, obscuring the negative amounts from its authors and narrators. Second, the returns were much higher than expected, at times close to 50% of the copies sold.

   It turns out that Audible’s marketing and support teams actively encourage returns, allowing customers to repeatedly return audiobooks up to one year after they were purchased. Authors and narrators absorb 95% of the financial cost of this procedure, since Audible has already collected the subscription fees.

   If you find this situation unfair, or wish to find out more about this situation, please consider joining the Facebook group at: Audible is responding to the call to action, but there is still work to be done, especially in the area of financial transparency.

   Warner House Press continually strives to be transparent in all matters, especially those financial and legal. If, at any time you feel uncertain about anything, please contact me immediately and I will be happy to provide you with clarification and documentation.

 Bulk Orders or Special Offers

  We are always open to bulk order discounts. If you have suggestions, please contact Robert or me directly for quotes and approximate revenue shares at the bulk rates.  We are also open to special offers as well - Rik Danielsen approached us about an introductory offer for Never Forget Eternity that drove a good bit of traffic to the Warner House store.

Website Maintenance Now Available

  Under this new service plan, we'll deal with any content changes or technical issues your website requires in a timely manner: 24 hours for a response and 48 hours for a solution whenever possible. All this for a significantly lower price than our web design consulting fees. For more information about Website Maintenance, a list of what is covered and what is not, or to inquire about it yourself, check our services here:

Prayer Requests

  Please let us know if you have any prayer requests. The Lord has impressed upon me to continue in prayer for the Uighur Muslims in China, who are experiencing genocidal conditions, as well as for our country's health post-election and during a large increase in COVID-19 activity.

Ideas for the Newsletter

  Let me know if you have any ideas or concerns that you would like to have addressed in this newsletter. Our hope is that it continues to be useful to our authors.