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January 2021

January Greetings to Our Authors and Friends,

We have quite a lot to talk about this month regarding new and upcoming releases. In order to better align with other administrative tasks, we will be sending out this newsletter mid-month starting in February, 2021. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at

New Releases

The Greatest Love

We are proud to publish the third book in Cho Larsen’s Kalmus series. The Greatest Love is a topical study that presents a fresh look at foundational instructions in the Scriptures regarding God's love. Each chapter study is designed for all those who desire to know more of Christ. The author's inspiring voice lends beautiful hues and a plentiful color palette filled with descriptions and applications of God's greatest commandment. The learner will come to know how immeasurable the Father's love is for His sons and daughters; a love greater than human words can describe.

You can find out more about The Greatest Love at

The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Digital Marketing

Mark Stafford and his team at Ablaze Media have been part of the Warner House Press story from the beginning. Mark has created several great covers for our authors, including those for Chosen to Speak, Jamie, Never Forget Eternity, and the upcoming novel The Restless Heart. We are thrilled to be publishing his first book and look forward to implementing many of his suggestions into our business as well. The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Digital Marketing is available NOW at Warner House Press and on Feb 8th as an eBook through major retailers. For more information and to buy, go to

Upcoming Releases

The Restless Heart

We recently obtained the rights to author Elizabeth Isola’s unpublished novel, The Restless Heart. Edited and prepared for publication by members of the Northern Arizona Chapter of Word Weavers, including Cybele Sieradzki, Alice Klies, and our own Faye Braley, The Restless Heart is the last known complete novel by Elizabeth Isola. 

Much more than a coming of age story, The Restless Heart captures the sights, sounds, and attitudes of America in the first years of the 20th century, before the onslaught of the first World War. Journey with Tim and his family as they travel from the familiar surroundings of Maine to California, where they will be tested to the limits of their endurance. 

Warner House Press will be releasing The Restless Heart in Paperback on March 12, 2021.

Best of the Bradshaws

A bit to the south of Prescott lies an area filled with rugged terrain—and even more rugged individualists. Local celebrity Barb Myers has brought together a series of vignettes that are at times insightful, at times laugh-out-loud funny, but never boring. Not since Edward Abbey has the wildness of the Southwest in the mid-20th Century been captured so well. Warner House Press plans to release Best of the Bradshaws in March 2021.

Great Separations

Warner House Press is excited to be republishing Cho Larson’s first book in the Kalmus series, Great Separations.

We are called to separate what is holy from what is common. When we answer the call, the difference between God-given natural or common gifts, and spiritual gifts becomes evident. They are as different as a sunrise and sunset. 

This study guide powerfully portrays the Spirit of Jesus, who manifests Himself in greater measure as Christians separate themselves from serving by human effort alone. This vital work of the kingdom of heaven was given to us on the day Jesus ascended into heaven, and is made possible by means of the anointing, gifting and empowering work of the Spirit.

Great Separations will be available from Warner House Press in March 2021. Look for special deals including all three studies in the series, as well as a limited edition.

Jamie Audiobook

Hub for Podcasting’s Patti Teel and Northern Arizona Word Weaver Chapter President Alice Klies recently wrapped up the full recording of Elizabeth Isola’s powerful novel of the response of faith to abuse. All that is left is the editing and packaging of their hard work. Alice brings just the right emotional tone to this difficult novel. The tireless efforts of Patti Teel to bring this work alive are much appreciated! If you wish to start up your own podcast or are just starting out in the audio/visual social media world, we can’t think of a better resource than Hub for Podcasting.

Warner House Press will be releasing the audiobook of Jamie in early summer.

Warner House Press On the Move

After over twenty years in Northern Arizona, the Warner family will be moving to Albertville, Alabama in the spring of this year. We’re busting out at the seams in our present location, and miss being around water. This move will not affect our publishing schedule, nor the support we provide to our authors and clients. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that remote communication can get the job done. We’ll keep you posted on the move. 

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