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March 2021

March Greetings to Our Authors and Friends,

After many goodbyes, we have arrived at our new home in Albertville, AL. The home in Rimrock was placed on the market today and we have every expectation that the Lord will direct who He wishes to it. The move has been more difficult than expected, but there have been tremendous blessings associated with it; blessings of new friendships and many, many helping hands.

Best of the Bradshaws Released!

A bit to the south of Prescott lies an area filled with rugged terrain—and even more rugged individualists. Local celebrity Barb Myers has brought together a series of vignettes that are at times insightful, at times laugh-out-loud funny, but never boring. Not since Edward Abbey has the wildness of the Southwest in the mid-20th Century been captured so well.

From the history of old mining railroads to tales of local Cleator, Best of the Bradshaws intersperses genuine accounts with recipes, songs, and other little slices of Southwestern life. Accompanied by selected photography by Barb herself, a dip into these pages is almost as good as the beauty and fresh mountain air of the place itself, so beloved by its inhabitants.

If you’ve ever dreamed of watching a storm from an Arizona mountainside or a life far beyond where man has touched nature, these stories will reach your heart. All authentic, all firsthand, this collection truly represents the very Best of the Bradshaws.

Now available from Warner House Press,, Amazon and other book retailers.

The Best Way to Buy Our Books

By best, we mean least expensive for the customer and most remunerative for the authors and for us. The best way to buy our books is through our website. Normally, we keep copies of all the books we publish on hand and ship them directly. That service was suspended during our move to Alabama, but will resume April 2nd. Books are always discounted on our site and shipping is free.

The next best place is from an organization known as They are a non-profit organization that connects book lovers with local bookstores. Authors can also set up an affiliate program with them to sell their books. We can assist anyone with setting this up. One caveat: drop ships their orders from IngramSpark and can sometimes experience delays. I’ve discussed the IngramSpark delays in past newsletters, which can be accessed here. Lately, we have seen shipping delays shrink to a matter of days, instead of months during last Fall.

eBook Reach

Due to new agreements, our primary distributor, IngramSpark, now makes our eBooks available world-wide. They also have tremendous print distribution networks in North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. More information can be found here. We enable this distribution automatically when setting your book up for distribution.

Non-Distribution Books

As part of our offerings, Warner House Press can edit, format and print books that you may not wish to distribute from sources other than the author. This approach is perfect for creating pre-publication copies for scholarly review, for beta readers, or if you just wish to create copies for friends and family. If you wish to distribute the work subsequently, in most cases it can be done with a flip of a switch. As with many of our offerings, this idea came from one of our authors!

Formatting Prices

Due to the complexity of several recent projects and the cost of software, we are raising our formatting prices from $30 per hour to $40 per hours. We remain cost competitive with other businesses that provide formatting services.

Upcoming Royalty Payments

We are on track to make royalty payments on April 5th. This allows month-end IngramSpark and Amazon disbursements to Warner House Press to be received and processed, avoiding unnecessary delays in providing the latest payments to you.

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