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April 2021

April Greetings to our authors and friends,

Spring has arrived in Albertville, AL as work continues apace with our new digs here. Warner House Press has been busy, with several new projects in production and the re-publication of the first volume in Cho Larson’s Kalmus Series.

Great Separations Now Published by Warner House Press

April 11th saw the re-release of Cho Larson’s first volume in the Kalmus Series, Great Separations. We are proud to now be publishing all three titles under the Warner House Press imprint. To celebrate, we are offering them as a bundle with a discount. Further information can be found at: These topical studies are perfect for both group and individual learning. Cho is busy completing other titles in the series.

Upcoming Memoir by Alice Klies: Chased by the Hound of Heaven

We are wrapping up production on another work from the talented group at the Northern Arizona Chapter of Word Weavers. This time, the president of the group, Alice Klies, presents an honest, no-holds-barred journey through life as a woman brought up with “religion”: a background in rules and regulations without a true personal relationship with God.

When troubles and trials enter her life, she struggles to understand why God is doing this to her. Alice’s journey, while God patiently pursues her and teachers her to trust Him, may encourage you to renew or to find faith in a relationship with the Lord. That, and a commitment to skid to a stop while being Chased by the Hound of Heaven.

The Restless Heart Reaches Production

After several delays, The Restless Heart, Elizabeth Isola’s last unpublished novel, is unpublished no more. We are delighted to release this exciting American novel, one that explores the recklessness and fragility of the human heart so aptly expressed in Jeremiah 17:9 from the viewpoint of a thirteen-year old boy during the turn of the previous century. Written in 2008, it was lovingly edited by Cybele Sieradzki, with help from Alice Klies, Faye Braley, and many others in the Northern Arizona Chapter of Word Weavers. Mark Stafford of Ablaze Media has provided us with another great cover. You will be able to preorder The Restless Heart from Warner House Press in the coming days, or via Amazon.

From Dave’s POV: The Vitality of the Great American Novels

Lately, I’ve been struck by the abundance of great American novels. Case in point: The Breaking Point, by Mary Roberts Reinhart, is a novel rich in plot, with tremendous insight into the myriad ways choices develop our character. Most of Reinhart’s novels continue to be eminently readable (and relatable) almost 100 years after publication.

There is no need to travel back that far to read a great American novel. Numerous works are being published today through non-traditional channels, including self-publishing, hybrid presses (that’s us!), and web-based platforms such as Substack and perhaps even Amazon’s new Kindle Vella. Although sometimes labeled dismissively as genre-specific or pulp fiction, these are great, challenging, fun novels, reflecting a uniquely American outlook. This is a rich vein to mine for authors; one that is gaining momentum, especially since the start of the pandemic.

My advice? Expand your reach into all types of novels. Pay attention to trends such as superversive and pulprev fiction. Twitter, although it certainly has its faults, can be a great resource for discovering trends and interconnections. Dig in and enjoy the riches that God has given us in terms of literature in this day and age.

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